Why do I have recurrent fungal infections ?

by Dr.Ashwin Budihal on Dec. 1, 2020

In tropical country like India, where the whether is hot and humid, it is very common to develop fungal infections on the skin. Many people take self medications or apply wrong creams after taking suggestions from friends or pharmacists and come to the dermatologist when none of it works. This has lead to development of resistant strains of fungi which takes longer time to heal and tend to recur again and again.

YES ! The major reason behind recurrence of fungal infection is improper treatments or self medications.

The fungi spreads rapidly from one part to another part of the body and also from one person to another. Fungal infections are highly contagious. So earlier the treatment, faster and better will be the outcome. A stitch in time, saves nine!

Here are 10 simple tips on how to avoid recurrences of fungal infections -

  • Overheating and sweating contribute to fungal infections. So wear loose clothing that would allow your skin breathe.
  • After washing, dry the skin thoroughly, particularly between the toes and within skin folds like thighs, arm pits etc. Don't retain moisture content there.
  • Do not wear wet undergarments. Keep the fold areas as dry as possible. Moisture content acts as a good growth media for fungi.
  • Take bath every day regularly. Especially after workout sessions or sports etc so that sweat won't be retained for long on the skin.
  • Wear cotton dress and socks instead of synthetics.
  • Use antiperspirants to control excessive perspiration (sweating).
  • Wear thongs to swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms and other communal areas.
  • Get your blood sugar level checked regularly (If you are above 40 years of age) and keep it within normal limits. Elevated blood sugars reduce the immunity and make your body more prone for infections.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Do not take self medications or follow prescription written by Doctors for others or take free advises from your friends or pharmacists. There are many variants of fungi which affect the human skin. So the treatment varies on type of fungi, location of infection, age, other underlying medical conditions of the patient and a lot more factors. When you try out different creams on your skin, you not only nurture the fungi, but also make them more resistant to treatments. A lot of you might have already experienced temporary relief that happens with such creams. Then the conditions rebounds back after discontinuing the cream. This is the reason for it. So take expert advise for a permanent cure, rather than experimenting on your skin for temporary relief.
  • Trust your dermatologist and follow his advise properly. He will assess your skin type and other details mentioned above and treat properly. Take all the medications as advised, for recommended period of time. Do not stop medications in the middle on your own.

Spread the smiles , spread the love . Not the infections.

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