Healthy food for healthy hair

by Dr.Ashwin Budihal on Dec. 1, 2020

A good and healthy hair is a sign of a healthy and well nourished body. There are several factors like age, genetics, hormones, environmental factors, food, stress etc which decide the quality of hair. Out of the factors mentioned above few are non modifiable (age, genetics etc) , while few can be modified (food, environmental factors, stress etc).

We can work on the modifiable factors like eating healthy food, reducing stress, having a proper sleep, keeping the scalp free of infections or dandruff etc, and this would help us to have a healthy hair. This article is about healthy foods and nutrients and their functions in hair growth.

Hair is one of the organs of the body which grows continuously every day. Hence it needs good nutrition every day. Certain vitamins, proteins, minerals and fats are important for a healthy hair.

B complex vitamins : Biotin & Vit B12 – Structure, quality & health of hair.

Foods - Banana, avocado, nuts, eggs, chicken & red meat.

Zinc : Tissue repair, collagen production, cell proliferation, hormone balance.

Foods – Whole grains, spinach, eggs, fish, lamb, shrimp.

Iron : Transports O2 & nutrients to hair, strengthens & improves hair texture.

Foods – Spinach, beans, oyster.

Vitamin E : Anti oxidant properties – Healing of damaged skin & hair.

Foods – Almond, avocado, spinach, sunflower oil, olive oil.

Vitamin C : Antioxidant – Collagen production & wound healing.

Foods – Kiwi, broccoli, citrus fruits, cabbage

Vitamin A : Development & growth of cells in hair roots, sebum production.

Foods – Carrots, sweet potato, cabbage, spinach, pumpkin.

Omega 3 fatty acids : DHA & EPA – Stimulate initiation of anagen phase.

Foods – Flax seeds, Salmon & tuna fish, walnuts, almonds.

Vitamin D : Improvement of hair growth.

Foods – Mushrooms, cheese, fish.

L- lysine : Amino acid present in hair root & responsible for shape & volume.

Foods – Beans, lentils, nuts, eggs, meat.

Eating a nutritious diet and keeping stress levels low can help prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. Try to inculcate these foods in every day diet for a healthy hair, skin and body overall.

A person should see the doctor (Dermatologist) if he or she is experiencing hair loss, in spite of taking nutrition supplements or having a healthy diet as advised above.The dermatologist, will examine the scalp and conduct additional testing if necessary to determine appropriate cause and give the treatments accordingly.

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