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Treatment for Skin Burns in Bangalore

Burns of the skin are common injuries seen in households. Burns are characterized by severe damage to the skin tissue that causes the affected skin cells to die.

Based on the depth of involvement, burns are classified - as first degree, second degree and third degree. Depth of burn is often related to its cause, for e.g ; scalds from hot liquids are usually partial thickness, whereas injuries from contact with flames or electric current are usually full thickness in depth of the skin.


  • Pain
  • Red Skin
  • Blistering
  • Swelling
  • White or charred skin
  • Peeling skin and wounds

Types of burning

First degree burns

First degree burns extends only on the top of the skin (epidermis) . These burns are red and never blister. These lesions are painful.

Second Degree Burns

Second-degree burns affect both epidermis and dermis layers of skin. These can be very painful and often cause blisters.

Third Degree Burns

Third degree burns effect entire skin & deeper tissues. They are numb (not painful). They result in white or blackened, charred skin.

Types of burning

Burns can be caused by -

  • Hot, boiling liquids
  • Chemicals like acids
  • Electrical burns
  • Fires, including flames from matches, candles, firecrackers etc
  • Excessive sun exposure

Management of Burns

Treatment of burn depends on the degree of burn.

  • First-degree burns are treated with topical medications and pain killers.
  • Second-degree burns treated with an topical and oral medications, which include antibiotics, anti inflammatory, pain killers & other medications depending on the cause of burn.
  • Third-degree burns may require skin grafting. Severe burns involving large parts of the body need hospitalization and IV antibiotics, IV fluids.

Doctors at 4 Senses Clinic take history patiently, examine the patient thoroughly and diagnose the condition with minimal and necessary investigations. After finding out the root cause of problem, they provide accurate treatment. The doctors also counsel on how to prevent further recurrences. If you are looking at treatment for skin burns, contact  Call:6366494494


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