Treatment for Keloid Scar

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Best Treatment for Keloid Scar in Bangalore

Keloid is a condition where there is an excessive production of fibrous tissue following any injury to the skin. The scar can become larger than the original wound and extend beyond the area of trauma. Keloids scars most commonly grow on the breastbone, shoulder, upper chest and back, earlobes, and face.

Symptoms of Keloid Scar

  • Localized raised area that is flesh-colored, pink, or red.
  • Scar that continues to grow larger over time.
  • Itchy or painful elevated lesion on the skin.
  • Keloid usually forms within one year after the injury.
  • Keloid grows a lot bigger than the original scar or wound.

Causes for Keloid Scar

  • At the site of vaccinations or injection.
  • Acne can cause keloid.
  • Due to surgical cuts, a piercing, burns, chickenpox, trauma etc.
  • Keloids do run genetically.

Treatment for Keloid Scars at 4 Senses

4 Senses offers the best keloid scars removal treatment in Bangalore ,some of the treatments are:

  • Injections
  • Laser Treatment
  • Surgical removal
  • Cryotherapy
  • Silicone patch Treatment

At 4 Senses Clinic, Bangalore, we advise the best and the most effective treatment after thorough assessment. We use a combination of these procedures to ensure best outcome. All the procedures done here are by qualified Doctors. For Doctors Appointment Contact  Call: 6366494494

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