Hair Transplant - Post operative care

by Dr.Ashwin Budihal on Dec. 23, 2020

How to take care after transplantation ?

After hair transplantation, care in the initial period is very vital for the survival and growth of the new follicles. New blood vessels develop in the initial 4-5 days over the recipient site. So, follow the instructions and take proper care.

  • Do not touch the implanted follicles for initial 5 days. The follicles will be placed in the slits made on the scalp at certain depth and at certain angle. Touching the follicles will disrupt with depth and angulations. Also if handled with more pressure the follicle might come out of the implanted site. Hours of effort gone in seconds. So be very careful - MIND YOUR HEAD.
  • While sleeping make sure the follicles are not getting pressed on to the pillow, for the same reasons mentioned above. All this to be taken care for 5 days only.
  • Spray Normal saline once an hour for 5 days. Spray it over the implanted site whenever you are awake. Apart from normal saline, don't let any other kind of fluids or water, oil, shampoo come in contact with the implanted follicles.
  • Remove the bandage that is put over the donor site (back side of scalp), on the next day of the procedure. Wash the area with recommended shampoo and warm water. While washing, make sure, the water or soap does not come in contact with the recipient site (implanted follicles). After washing, wipe the area with a clean towel and apply antibiotic cream. NO need to put bandage again. Just leave the area open. Do the same thing every day, once in the morning and once at night for a week.
  • Take antibiotics, pain killers and other tablets as advised for 5 days. These medications will help in avoiding the infections, pain and swelling after the procedure. The prescription will be given to you by your Doctor at the end of the procedure.
  • Massage forehead for 2 minutes for 5 times in a day ( 7AM - 11AM - 3PM - 7PM - 11PM) . Do this for 5 days from the next day of procedure to avoid swelling.
  • Don’t touch recipient area / don't wear caps – for a week. You can wear helmet after a month.
  • No alcohol, smoking, aspirin tablets for 1 week post transplant. These things will affect with the blood flow and hamper with the acceptance of grafts.
  • Wash entire scalp with recommended shampoo, a week after the transplant. After a week, the follicles will be held tight with in the scalp and won’t get disrupted. Now you will be gently washing the entire scalp (both donor and recipient areas) with recommended shampoo.
  • Avoid sun exposure and dust for a while - About 1 week. After a week, while going outside you can wear cap. This would protect from dust and sunlight. A month later, you can go out with out a cap also.
  • Avoid exercises, power yoga, cardio, swimming for a month.
  • Start applying minoxidil over the transplanted area, 2 weeks after the procedure. For more information regarding how to use minoxidil, check out in the blog section.
  • Take PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) regularly on a monthly basis for 8 months for results to be much more better. For more information on PRP and how it works see the concerned section / blog.

If you have any doubts regarding the procedure, visit: 4 Senses - Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore Call : +91 6366494494 for appointments.

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