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Hair loss is a condition encountered by many people (both men and women) by the time they enter their third decade of life. If no appropriate treatment is undertaken, the condition progresses rapidly and leads to baldness.

There are different modalities to manage hair loss, broadly categorized into non surgical & surgical methods. Non surgical modalities include medical treatment (medicines), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection, LASER caps, Microneedling , mesotherapy with hair serums . Surgical modality is hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation has proved to be the most effective and the gold standard treatment for baldness with long lasting results when none of the other methods work effectively.

What is Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is a treatment where hair follicles are transferred from one part of the body (usually scalp) to the affected areas in order to cover the baldness. This method has been proven to be the most effective treatment for people who have already lost hair and baldness has set in.

Who all can undergo Hair Transplantation ?

  • Androgenetic alopecia in men
  • Female baldness
  • Scarring alopecia due to any injury or trauma, accidents, infections of scalp etc
  • Eyebrow reconstruction
  • Beard reconstruction
  • Moustache reconstruction

Rationale of transplantation

Back of the scalp known as Occipital area is usually not affected by balding process and the hair in this region are permanent. This is because the hair follicles in the occipital area are not sensitive to DHT hormone ( The hormone which causes Androgenetic alopecia in both men and women).Hence they can be translocated to the bald area where they will grow in a normal pattern.The hair thus transplanted will grow naturally and can be cut , colored , trimmed or shaved . The hair continues to grow again (like your previous hair).

How Procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is done?

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FUE Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction is a surgical technique that involves removal of individual hair follicular units from the donor area. This is a minimally invasive and safe procedure done by the surgeon under local anesthesia. Extraction of follicles is done using an advanced motorized instrument with small circular punches (about 0.7 to 0.9mm) to remove the individual follicular units from the back of the scalp. If there is no sufficient hair in the occipital area (back of scalp), then chest hair and beard hair can be used as donor area.

These follicular units are implanted into the scalp in the bald area (recipient site). The punches used to extract the follicles are so small that barely any visible scars are seen at the donor site after extraction.This is usually done after trimming the entire scalp and hence called Shaving technique.

For women, non shave technique is done where there is no trimming of hair done during transplantation. Also strip shave technique is performed on men who don't want to get their hair trimmed for transplantation . Usually celebrities, who don't want to reveal about the procedure, opt for this kind of transplantation.

The FUE transplant procedure minimizes patient discomfort, even while extracting and implanting up to 10,000 hair or more.Since the entire procedure is non scarring , the patient can get back his very natural looks easily , with out anybody getting to know that the procedure has been done.

Pre operative instructions for Hair Treansplantation

  • Necessary Blood investigations to be done.
  • Stop using Minoxidil and Finasteride before Hair transplantation – This reduces the bleeding risk
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, NSAIDs – 1 week prior - To avoid bleeding
  • Avoid physical exercises like cardio, gym, sports – 1 week prior - To avoid bleeding
  • Daily shampoo with Ketaconazole - For a week - Keeps scalp free of infection
  • Have proper sleep for 8 hours at least on the day before surgery.

Post operative guidance regarding how to take care after Hair Treansplantation

  • Spray Normal saline once an hour whenever awake for 3 days.
  • Take antibiotics, pain killers, oral steroid as advised for 5 days.
  • Wash donor area after a day of procedure with baby shampoo and Luke warm water.
  • Don’t touch recipient area – for a week.
  • No alcohol, smoking, aspirin – 1 week.
  • Wash recipient area after a week with baby shampoo.
  • Avoid sun exposure and dust for a while.
  • Avoid exercises for a month. Avoid swimming for a month.

Types of Hair Transplantation in Bangalore by 4 Senses

Follicular Unit Extract (FUE) technique performed for

  • Male Hair Transplant
  • Female Hair Transplant or Non shave technique
  • Strip shave technique or Celebrity Hair Transplant
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant
  • Moustache Hair Transplant and
  • Beard Hair Transplant

What is so special about 4 Senses for Hair transplantation

  • Get real and natural hair back with FUE transplants.
  • Transplantation from South India’s one of the highest hair transplantation performed surgeon. We have a team of leading surgeons who have performed more that 2250 hair transplant procedures.
  • Individual, personalized and detailed assistance throughout process.
  • Success is guaranteed or you get a free re-treatment.
  • We have consultation rooms and advanced OT setting with best amenities.
  • 24 X 7 Service for patient care. Good Post operative care.
  • Fast recovery- Many patients can return to work after a days rest.

Hair Transplantation Cost

Cost for Hair Transplantation is based on different factors

Qualifications and Experience of Hair Transplant Surgeon

This is one of the most important factor that determines the out come of surgery. A well-qualified and experienced surgeon can carry out the procedure smoothly and safely without any complications and give the best results aesthetically . He is qualified and trained enough to blend the art and science of hair transplantation. It is always suggested to undergo surgery by a surgeon who has performed several cases successfully.

Success rate of Hair Transplantation Surgeon

Success of hair transplantation surgery depends on how the grafts are handled at the time of extraction and implantation. We at 4 senses have an excellent success rate since the procedure is done patiently making sure none of the follicles are damaged or crushed. This prolongs the life of the follicles and implanted hair stays on for a long time.

Techniques used in Hair Transplantation

We here at 4 senses believe in scar less surgeries. We use the latest automated punching technology with punches of least diameters. Hence the scars are barely formed at the donor area. We combine PRP along with transplantation at no extra cost (at the time of surgery), thus prolonging the graft survival rate and promoting faster healing of wounds at the donor and recipient areas.

Numbers of Grafts and grades of Baldness

Larger the baldness- More the number of grafts to be implanted – more the time and efforts put in by the team – more the sterile punches and materials used – more the cost.

The 4 Senses Promises

  • Dr Ashwin Budihal and Dr Madhuri Gudikote create a very natural hair line and give the best look based on a thorough understanding of hair design.
  • When you choose 4 Senses, you get to know that Dr. Ashwin and Dr Madhuri's practice is not affiliated with a larger chain or a franchise. The entire procedure is performed by Dr. Ashwin Budihal or Dr Madhuri and team only.
  • We are so passionate about minimizing graft wastage. We consider hair grafts a limited and finite precious resource. Not even one graft should be wasted on any given day. That has become our obsession. Because of that, we achieve, consistently on a day to day basis a high yield of above 99% for FUE.
  • In 4 Senses we get more hair per graft, because we select only multiple hair grafts for transplantation with great care. You always get more for what you pay.

Why Choose 4 Senses for Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

  • Well Experienced Doctors and technicians
  • State of Art technology
  • Preference to safety and hygiene
  • Transparency on knowledge sharing
  • No hidden charges

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