Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair in Bangalore

The earlobe tear occurs as a result of accidents, injuries, aging or due to wearing heavy earrings for a long time. The weight of earrings gradually stretches the earlobe so that the small piercing becomes an elongated slit rather than a neatly pierced hole. And the surrounding flesh becomes loose and enlarged. Earlobe repair is a safe and effective way to correct ears that have been stretched, split or torn by tribal piercings or other earrings. With earlobe repair, patient can bring balance back to the face with ears of a more natural shape and size.

Treatment offered at 4 Senses for Earlobe conditions

Congenital Deformity

Birth deformities of the earlobe are highly variable and the many different operations that may be used in their correction reflect this fact. In some cases, surgery is a simple repair of a congenital cleft. In others, with a significant abnormality, cartilage grafts and skin grafts may be required in one or more stages.

Split Earlobes

Earlobes are often split by heavy earrings gradually enlarging a piercing over many years. On other occasions, when an earring is forcefully pulled the earlobe can split acutely. Repair is usually performed under local anesthetic and repiercing is normally possible within a few weeks.

Earlobe Reduction

Correction of droopy earlobes is a simple and safe procedure, performed under local anaesthetic which rejuvenates the ear.

The Facelift Earlobe

Sometimes, after a facelift, the earlobe is pulled down, this will be corrected from this treatment.

Earlobe Keloids

Keloids are essentially scars growing in an uncontrolled manner. Surgery is not simple but good results can be achieved.

Benefits from Earlobe repair Treatment

Earlobe repair is a painless method of correcting the damage to earlobes. The final result is usually a thin neat linear scar which generally fades away with time.

At 4 Senses we repair the earlobe with at most care to give the perfect shape of the lobe. The end results are great with a scar less lobe which is normal in shape. The surgeon will assess patient to determine the suitability and advice the best options of earlobe repair treatment. For Doctor’s Appointment Contact  Call: 6366494494

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