Treatment for Skin Swelling/ Skin Tags

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Treatment for Skin Swelling/ Skin Tags

Cells of the skin and underlying tissue may accumulate and cause growths. Growths may be raised or flat and range in the colour from dark brown or black to skin-colored to red. They may be present at birth or develop later. They are harmless and more of a cosmetic issue than anything else, but understanding what they are, and aren’t, can be reassuring.

Causes for Skin Tags

  • Genetic.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Systemic disease.
  • Viruses ( like warts ).

Doctors at 4 Senses Clinic take history patiently, examine the patient thoroughly and diagnose the condition with minimal and necessary investigations. After finding out the root cause of problem, they provide accurate treatment. The doctors also counsel on how to prevent further recurrences. If you are looking out for skin tags removal, contact  Call:6366494494

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