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Dry Skin / Xerosis treatment in Bangalore

Dry skin also known as xerosis is a very common skin condition characterized by a lack of the appropriate amount of water content in the most superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis. While dry skin tends to affect both males and females of all ages, the older individuals are much more prone to develop xerosis. The skin in elderly individuals tend to have diminished amounts of natural skin oils and lubricants. Areas such as the arms, hands, and particularly lower legs are more affected by dry skin.

Causes for Dry skin

  • Elderly.
  • Hereditary.
  • Hypothyroidism, Hyperparathyroidism.
  • Lipid Lowering Medications.
  • Drugs- Cimetidine, Hydrochlorothiazide.
  • Malignancy – Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
  • HIV Infection
  • Autoimmune Disorder
  • Chronic Renal Failure
  • Eating disorder and malnutrition

Clinical Manifestations

Fine increase in the prominence of skin markings, followed by irregular superficial red fissuring is earliest feature to develop. As the dryness increases, roughness and scaling develops. These changes are often most prominently seen over the legs, arms , forearms, and hands. The condition is most often associated with itching which may be localized or generalized.

The severity of dryness and scaling depends on the underlying causative factors mentioned above. Other important contributing environmental factors include low humidity, sudden skin cooling by air conditioning, dry heat, cold weather, and wind.

Tips to prevent Dry Skin

  • Reduce the frequency of bathing.
  • A humidifier in winter and air conditioner in summer
  • Compare having a short shower with a prolonged soak in a bath.
  • Use lukewarm, not hot, water.
  • Replace standard soap with a substitute such as a synthetic detergent cleanser, water-miscible emollient, bath oil, anti-pruritic tar oil etc.


After thorough physical examination , the Doctor arrives at the diagnosis . The condition is treated with numerous medications keeping in mind about age of the patient , severity of condition and underlying causative factors responsible for xerosis.

Doctors at 4 Senses Clinic take history patiently, examine the patient thoroughly and diagnose the condition with minimal and necessary investigations. After finding out the root cause of problem, they provide accurate treatment. The doctors also counsel on how to prevent further recurrences. If you are looking at treatment for dry skin, contact  Call:6366494494

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