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Chemical Peel Treatment in Bangalore

Chemical peeling is the application of a chemical agent to the skin that causes controlled destruction of a part of the epidermis (upper layer of skin) with or without involvement of the dermis (deeper layer of skin). This leads to exfoliation, followed by subsequent resurfacing of the epidermis and remodeling of the dermis.

Chemical peeling is a simple office procedure often requiring multiple sittings (4 to 6) to achieve acceptable cosmetic results. The basic principle of chemical peeling is to cause controlled injury to the skin at the required depth, allowing regeneration to take place, without causing permanent scarring.

The action of the peel depends on the level of penetration, necrosis and inflammation produced by the chemical agent. Re-epithelization takes place by migration of epithelial cells from the pilosebaceous units. This leads to a smoother skin with improved texture, reduced pigmentary irregularities and good cosmetic results.

Indications for chemical peeling include:

  • Freckles
  • Lentigines
  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Comedonal acne
  • Acne excoriee
  • Acne cosmetica
  • Post-acne pigmentation
  • Superficial mild post-acne scarring
  • Fine wrinkling
  • Photoaging
  • Moderate actinic damage
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Seborrheic keratoses
  • Dilated pores

Some of the treatment methods used by the doctors for chemical peels in 4 Senses, Bangalore are:

  • Light or Superficial Peel – It removes the outer layer for treating minor skin problems.
  • Medium Peel – Used to eradicate skin disorders that persist in the second layer of skin like scars and spots.
  • Deep Peel – The acid penetrates deep into the layer of the skin to treat serious skin damages.

Type of Peels available at 4 Senses

  • Anti Acne Peel
  • Anti scar peel
  • Skin Whitening Peel
  • Anti ageing peel
  • Skin Resurfacing Peel
  • Deep pigmenting Peel for pigmentary disorders
  • Peels for Dermatologic diseases like seborrhic keratosis, warts etc

Chemical peel is a wonderful way of preserving your looks. If you are worried that your facial age shows too much, consider chemical peel treatment at four Senses clinic, Bangalore with Dr Ashwin, Dr Madhuri and Disciplinary staff. Doctors at 4 senses examine skin type, its sensitivity, texture etc and then treat the condition only after doing a test patch on your skin to find out what type of peel suits best for you. For Doctors Appointment Contact  Call: 6366494494

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