Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries in Bangalore

Facial plastic surgery is a branch of head and neck surgery which deals with reshaping structures in the head and neck region such as the nose, ears, facial contour and the neck.There is a significant overlap with other fields of surgery like dermatosurgery, general plastic surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery and ophthalmology.

People look into this field of surgery with a hope to reconstruct the face which is deformed after an injury, disease or congenital defects.

Some people also seek this surgery to reverse the signs of aging such as loose skin, decreased tissue volume around the face and neck, crow's-feet at the corner of eyes, fine lines on the forehead, jawline contour, sagging jowl, and double chin. They also opt for facial surgery to enhance the facial features and make it proportional to the other parts of the face.

Facial plastic surgery also uses injectable fillers, Botox, lasers, and other devices which aims at rejuvenating skin.

Common surgical procedures include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy, browlift, genioplasty, otoplasty, liposuction, facelifts, fat transfer etc.

At 4 Senses Clinic, there is a team of surgeons who are well experienced in facial aesthetic procedures and facial plastic surgeries.

Doctors discuss the outcomes, alternatives, risks, benefits and the possible side effects of facial surgery. Most of the procedures are done on an out-patient basis and few as in-patient which requires immediate postoperative care. Doctors also give a good and regular follow up care.

Contact 4 Senses Clinic, Bangalore on Call:6366494494 to book a consultation and assessment for your child with a dermatologist. our management team will respond to you promptly. We are always on hand to receive your questions or queries and anticipate helping your child with his/her dermatological condition and wellbeing.

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