Ear Nose Throat Diseases

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Ear, Nose and Throat Treatment in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore

ENT is a specialty surgical branch of medicine which deals with ear, nose, throat, head and neck. Dealing with three of the five sense organs, ENT forms a very important branch. Head and neck region is a very complicated structure and hence dealing with this requires expertise and great knowledge.

Nose and throat form an entry point for both respiratory and digestive tracts, which makes it prone to numerous organisms and allergens. This can present with a wide variety of respiratory and digestive symptoms. Hence it is important for an expert to deal with it.

Here at 4 Senses, we have a highly qualified ENT surgeon Dr.Madhuri M Gudikote. Clinic has a good setup for a thorough evaluation including ear, nose and throat endoscopies which help in diagnosing diseases very accurately.Where as Patients are treated accordingly with necessary care to cure the disease.


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